iOS Application Manual


The SHAKS application is designed to allow user to use the gamepad and to run the gamepad options he wants right away when playing game. The main purpose of this program is to set the settings for the gamepad first, and to enable the game to start right away. It also allows user to use various settings for using the game pad, and to contact user immediately if user need help.

Available Gamepads

User can use it if user have SHAKS brand or SHAKS partner products.
SHAKS S2i, S3i, S5i and the SHAKS gamepads which have MFI chip.
Partner branded model : "top" branded gamepad in Europe
Features may limit in partner branded model. please contact at local distributor


Search "SHAKS " on App Store and download it. Alternatively, use the below address or QR code to download the app.

Starting App

Users can check all the information about the connected game controller, including its set-up status, firmware updates, or even key problems.
Connection Error
The game controller is not connected, or the application is not connected due to an error. If the game controller is connected, please check that the mode of the game controller is iOS (MFI), exit the game controller, and reconnect.
Upgrade requirement
If a game controller version is old than latest, red circle will be displayed in game controller list when game controller is connected.
Add Gamepad
Changing a game controller to the pairing status.
Connect it in the Settings > Bluetooth menu.
In this menu, you can set various settings for the game controller.
Function("O") Key programming
You can assign a function at additional buttons which are available for each SHAKS-brand product.
Turn off Option
Pressing the Options button on the game controller does not respond.
If you press the “O” button, function LED will be on and selected button will be pressesed periodically when you keep pressing button. If you press the “O”button again, function LED will be off and all button’s operation will be normal.
LT, LB, RT, RB, Y, X, B, A
If you press the “O” button, function LED will be on and left and right stick sensitivity will be decreased. If you press the “O”button again, function LED will be off and left and right stick sensitivity will be normal.
- 100%: Normal
- 75%
- 50%
- 25%
Mouse (Only Android mode)
This feature works on D-Input mode. It does not work on other mode. If you press the “O” button, function LED will be on and all gamepad operation will be used for mouse. If you press the “O”button again, function LED will be off and all gamepad operation will be normal.
- Left stick: Mouse move
- Right stick up/down: wheel scroll
- A button: Mouse Left button
- B button: Mouse Right button
Camera (Only Android mode)
If camera application is working and user press the “O” button, it will take a photo. This function works only with Android device.
Phone/Media (Only Android mode)
When the phone rings and the user press the “O” button, the call will be answered. This function works only with Android devices.

Gamepad Setting

You can set features for the overall settings regardless of the gamepad's mode. You can adjust the power-saving time, LED brightness, and name of the gamepad.
Sleeping time
The Gamepad will be power off or go into deep sleep after auto power off time.
Adjust LED brightness
LED brightness adjustment can be freely adjusted to step 15.(The first LED on Model S5i cannot be adjusted for brightness.)
Gamepad Test
If you think there is a problem while using the gamepad, please check it on this page.
Firmware update
Firmware updates are available here if the firmware on the gamepad is not up to date.
Check the new gamepad version.
Check again whether you want to upgrade your gamepad.
Upgrade your gamepad.
Gamepad upgrade is complete.
If a new firmware version for the gamepad is released that reflects the latest technology, you can update it on your gamepad. If you have any problems while updating the firmware, try this way.
After the gamepad reboots, first and second LED blink in sequence and it's still waiting for the gamepad to connect.
The gamepad may reflect the functionality after reboot. Please wait for up to 10 minutes.
If you still can't connect, please turn off the gamepad and turn it back on. Occasionally, you may need to re-install the firmware if firmware version is old.
The gamepad has been re-connected, but gamepad is not appeared in gamepad list.
This can be resolved by turning the gamepad off first and turning it back on.
This can be resolved by opening the Bluetooth Settings button, removing and re-pairing the gamepad and returning to the Sharks app.
Please press the reset button on the gamepad and proceed from the beginning. If the problem is not solved after that, please contact customer support in the app.


You can see the information you need for all product lines, regardless of device connection. You can open the game controller manual or the video guide. The Support Game Info menu shows the game list which user enjoy by game controller.


Help Request: If you need help about gamepad or application, please click here to contact us. (Official Facebook Messenger)
Purchase: Please press it when you purchase SHAKS gamepad.
SHAKS homepage: Open SHAKS homepage and show detail information about SHAKS game controller.
-End of Manual-