AKSys Co. Ltd

Delivering an innovative experience for home entertainment!
Established in 2013, AKSys Co., Ltd was created by experts from various professional fields such as engineering, marketing, and designing from global companies. We develop, design, and manufacture our own products such as Game controllers, Game devices, AR/VR devices, and interactive controllers for the entertainment service. We have extensive R&D expertise, official partner with Qualcomm, KT, and Alps, to name a few. Based upon our experience and global partnership in cloud-gaming sector, we are launching our own service soon 2024 at Korea, with major telecommunication carrier.

Our Goal

Becoming a global innovative service, technology provider in cloud-gaming segment
Supplying competitive products, service fully converged and optimized
Converged innovative technology with stylish analog design

Business Domain

Brand Story n

Any place, Any time for your game

SHAKS was named after combining shark's front letters "SH" and AKSys's front letters "AKS".
Sharks attack prey with sharp teeth and fast speed. Inspired by the dominant shark as a predator of the sea, the brand SHAKS was created to dominate the game industry.
The goal of SHAKS is to provide accurate and fast game devices to game users!


‘13.  7 Established
’14.  1 Android Wall-pad for Italian home market
’16.  4 Innovative Venture credited
’17.  6 Game pad for TIM, Italy
‘18.  2 1st Seeds investment
’18. 10 Setup European subsidy (Barcelona)
’19. 10 Gamepad V2 for TIM cloudgame, Italy
’20.  9 Supply gamepad to DT cloudgame
’20. 10 Supply gamepad to KT cloudgame
'21. 2 Supply gamepad to Etisalat cloudgame
'22. 12 Supply gamepad to RJio India
‘21. 3 Development contract with Qualcomm
‘22. 2 Partnership agreement with Radianarc

Product/Service History