What is Android Mapping?

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What is Mapping Service?

Many recent smartphone games are designed only with touch input. Even though there is a virtual controller or pad, but it is very inconvenient to play because it hides some part of the screen.   Now, SHAKS "Touch-Mapping" Service helps you to enjoy the game more conveniently and to get a better experience in gaming.
The "Touch-mapping" service provided by SHAKS GameHub is available in the SHAKS higher-end model (S2i and higher) and is not compatible with other brand gamepads. Please check the instructions related to the mapping service in the user manual.  To use the service, you may need to keep the gamepad firmware latest by SHAKS GameHub.
This mapping service is designed to use the gamepad as a controller for a touch-based game.  It is free, no back-door, no advertising, no requiring personal info or phone rooting, but only available for Android OS devices.  Please note, not all the game is playable,  check our up-to-dated compatible game-list.  In some cases, the game publisher may be limiting this feature.

What kind of game is possible to play?

All the mobile game can be supported if there is a regular pattern of game playing over touch-screen. This huge feature can improve gaming experience in a different level. This feature can be activated by installing “SHAKS GameHub App” on your Android phone/tablet, downloadable from Google Playstore.
Most popular games playable by Shaks GameHub - Mapping feature
for more game list - click to here

How to play?

Please search "SHAKS Gamehub" on Google Play and download it. 
Download link here >> this link <<
User Manual: Download to Korea, English ,Spanish

Differential Points

Possible to use Game Controller over touch-only game
Immediately playable with pre-config file downloadable from SHAKS Gamehub and Upload, share your mapping file with your friends
Play all screen without any hidden corner, even with your TV via HDMI connection
No worry about private data leakage, furthermore No need to root your phone
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- Embedded in the system default. No asking for any private data. Free to user without any extra-fee - Once the mapping config is completed, Shaks direct access to game without app run backgroud. So, it is asking another CPU loading, very low latency. - Immediate booting and ready to play
- Enlarge SHAKS gamepad compatibility. - Support all Android phone and its external display via HDMI docking product
1. Down & install from Playstore 2. Run game 3. Mapping edit, save it 4. Play game
- Basic App is free with watching AD, but "Premium (2$)" to store private "game data" into Google account. Or it allows only guest account access. And for advanced touch features, another 6$ needs to pay. - While Octopus is running, the gamepad can't support its compatible game, because all input data work as touch-mapping only.
- It works on all android-compatible gamepad.
- Octopus run the game app inside Octopus app, which mean it can monitor all the data processing, so it creates risks; → For the user, hacking his personal data including PW/id, gameplay data, history → For the game publishers, his game data is being leaked to 3rd party. So, they monitor always and can ban it to use for user protection - "Run over App" way increases system loading, which may cause "latency", "long booting time", "slow reaction", "battery dry out" etc.
panda Pro ($2.5 payable), user is being required to open "USB debug port" and "input code" to allow its installation.
Whichever gamepad you use, it works like a touch screen input.
If you reboot your smartphone, you need to set it up again through the computer or activation kit.
Click and find Compatible Games : Compatible Game List