Purchase Tips

The SHAKS S2i, S3i, and S5i are all available with the SHAKS Gamehub app and use Qualcomm's chip, performance is the same.
Appearance design difference: S3i is the largest and > S2i > S5i is the smallest.
The S3i is a built-in bracket that allows you to plug in your smartphone.
The S5i can open the game pad and plug the smartphone horizontally in between.
S2i needs to buy a bracket separately, so you can put in your cell phone.
S3i is ipega Korea's PG-9118 - Same design inquiry
The entire appearance used the same mold. Not only Ipega but also many companies are using it together. Detailed parts such as internal trigger, LED, etc. or finishing etc. are completely different. We are also using the latest Qualcomm products that are completely different from the chipset, which is the core of our internal electronic circuit. Therefore, KC, CE, FCC, etc. are completely different products that have been approved separately at home and abroad. Naturally, internal software and applications are developed for Sharks. There are also differences in hardware performance, reliability, response speed, functionality, and performance.