SHAKS Mapping Service Overview

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Introduction to SHAKS "Touch-Mapping" Service

Purpose: SHAKS "Touch-Mapping" Service is designed to enhance the gaming experience on smartphones. It addresses the inconvenience of virtual controllers or pads on touch screens by providing an efficient alternative.
Compatibility: This service is exclusive to the SHAKS higher-end model (S2i and above) and is not compatible with other brand gamepads. Users are advised to refer to the user manual for detailed instructions and ensure their gamepad firmware is updated via the SHAKS GameHub.
Designed for touch-based games, the service is free of charge, with no ads, personal info requirement, or phone rooting needed.
Only available for Android OS devices.
Note: Not all games are compatible; users should check the updated compatible game list. Some game publishers may limit this feature.

Compatible Games

Scope: The service supports mobile games with a regular pattern of gameplay over the touchscreen.
Activation: By installing the “SHAKS GameHub App” from Google Playstore on Android phones/tablets.
Popular Games: Includes titles like League of Legends, Slamdunk Mobile, Battleground, Kartrider, Genshin Impact, Call-of-Duty, Brawl Stars, FIFA Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, THE KING OF FIGHTERS-A 2012, eFootball PES 2021, Dr Parking 4, Skullgirls, and Honkai Impact.
League of Legends (LOL)
Slamdunk Mobile
Genshin Impact
Brawl Stars
FIFA Mobile
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
eFootball PES 2021
Dr Parking 4
Honkai Impact

How to Use

Setup: Download "SHAKS Gamehub" from Google Play. The user manual can be found on the "SHAKS Gamepad" website.

Differential Points

Controller Usage: Enables game controller use in touch-only games.
Pre-config Files: Immediately playable with downloadable config files from SHAKS Gamehub. Users can also upload and share their mapping files.
Full-Screen Gameplay: Play without any hidden screen corners, even when connected to a TV via HDMI.
Data Security: No worries about private data leakage, and no need to root your phone.
Play all screen without any hidden corner, even with your TV via HDMI connection
No worry about private data leakage, furthermore No need to root your phone
Comparisons: Comparisons available with other services like Octopus for a better understanding of SHAKS’s advantages.
SHAKS virtual touch
- Embedded in the system default. No asking for any private data. Free to user without any extra-fee - Once the mapping config is completed, Shaks direct access to game without app run backgroud. So, it is asking another CPU loading, very low latency. - Immediate booting and ready to play
- Enlarge SHAKS gamepad compatibility. - Support all Android phone and its external display via HDMI docking product
1. Down & install from Playstore 2. Run game 3. Mapping edit, save it 4. Play game
- Basic App is free with watching AD, but "Premium (2$)" to store private "game data" into Google account. Or it allows only guest account access. And for advanced touch features, another 6$ needs to pay. - While Octopus is running, the gamepad can't support its compatible game, because all input data work as touch-mapping only.
- It works on all android-compatible gamepad.
- Octopus run the game app inside Octopus app, which mean it can monitor all the data processing, so it creates risks; → For the user, hacking his personal data including PW/id, gameplay data, history → For the game publishers, his game data is being leaked to 3rd party. So, they monitor always and can ban it to use for user protection - "Run over App" way increases system loading, which may cause "latency", "long booting time", "slow reaction", "battery dry out" etc.
panda Pro ($2.5 payable), user is being required to open "USB debug port" and "input code" to allow its installation.
This overview provides a comprehensive guide to the SHAKS Mapping Service, highlighting its unique features, game compatibility, and user-friendly approach. It emphasizes the service's convenience and security, catering specifically to Android users seeking an enhanced gaming experience. For more details, users are encouraged to visit the SHAKS Gamepad website.